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Am I the only one? 🙋‍♀️

Have you ever tried to follow a recipe without the ingredients?

Oh...the result was terrible?! 



And that’s basically how the world delivers health and wellness.

As a professional ballet dancer, I worked on my fitness, nutrition, and mental wellbeing from a very young age. Yet things went south for me when I misplaced the definition of "healthy" and started struggling with hormonal imbalances.


On my journey, I found many roadblocks, the biggest of all: The misinformation out in google. Yet, I was determined to take my health back, and what I found, I’m here to give to you; the missing ingredients.

Our bodies are unique and react differently to food, exercise styles, and habits, and the same recipe won’t work for everybody.


My goal is not to tell you what to eat, when to meditate or how to exercise - but with me, you can cut your experimentation down by 80%. Contrary to some, I empower you to make your own decisions using tried and true scientific fact-based holistic wellness.


Don't ask google... #AskFercci

Snackable, enjoyable, and most of all, 

 transformable wellness guides.

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This is what our community says!

This program is an incredible way to reconnect with your body, it helps you identify the signals that your body is constantly giving you, which perhaps we don't usually easily notice. It is a program that makes you feel more secure, comfortable and happy with yourself. It really helps to increase your physical and emotional health, and it is run by an incredible woman who really cares about every single one of the program participants, also providing us with verified information and presenting it on her page in a visually beautiful way, making this rebalance space even more enjoyable.

Adriana, 27

Check your resources...📝