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5 Uplifting Lifestyle Influencers for 2020

Fercci is an admired influencer who is all about living a “balanced BS-free lifestyle”.  While in the process, inspiring women to self-discover around their own health and wellness...


Overcoming an Eating Disorder After Being Sexual Abused

When Michele contacted me to share my story in Not A Standard Blog, I was excited but a little afraid about opening some parts of my life to the world! Yet, I know that at least one person might feel identified or touched by my story, so I knew I had to shake all that off and let it flow! #wearestrongertogether

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Don't Ask Google, Ask Fercci & Creator Series

Being a content creator is NO JOKE. Picking a topic to talk about, creating visual material, writing about it, schedule when where will post it, it doesn't even end there! But I must say, I love it...


How To Pick The Right Yoga Class For You

Trying new things in the fitness world can be challenging, especially when one discipline has so many variables as yoga does. What will be required from you? Can you be so flexible that you can do a downward dog?...

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