Why is your acne not going away? ~ All about hormonal acne (adult acne) #acnejourney

The more I speak to other women about their adult acne, the more I hear stories like mine. I started suffering from mild acne right after I left the pill. While I was on birth control, I felt bloated all the time, my breasts were always swollen and painful, and I was super depressed. For that reason, after three years of birth control, I decided to stop it, for my own sake.

When I stopped it, the extra weight melted away, my mood improved tremendously, and I did not have any more discomfort on my breasts. Yet, other issues came alongโ€”awful mood swings, painful and irregular periods, and yes, adult acne.

Adult acne is nothing more than hormonal acne. You might have never had issues with acne during your teen years, but adult acne can develop in your 20's, 30's, 40's and even 50's! Medicine does not really understand why adult acne or hormonal acne appears for the first time, but they definitely know that adult acne is increasing year by year.

Of course, when my acne started, I tried tons of treatments, masks, creams, serums, oils, facials, and DIY natural remedies that all swore to be the best for "curing" adult acne. It was not out of control until I went through one of the most traumatic events in my life.

The increase in stress and the emotional toll definitely messed up with my hormones. I was not eating enough, over working out, and trying to recover from all the pain with unhealthy coping mechanisms. Since the acne got much worse, and I wasn't finding anything to make it improve, I decided to go to the dermatologist. That is where I learned that I was overdoing it by using so many products. He put me in the treatment of Clindamycin (because I refused to get into oral antibiotics) and prescribed me a minimal skincare routine.

Fast forward two years, the medication worked wonders. My skin got clearer, and I was able to see the acne finally being under control. I was eating better, cut dairy and sugary foods, drinking water, and even exercising often. At the same time, I was also letting go of my emotional pain, and I was healing from the inside out. Yet, the acne was not completely gone.

So why wasn't the acne going away?

Although I helped my skin topically, living a healthy lifestyle, and healing my traumatic past, the acne stopped healing. I literally had hit an "acne plateau." That is when I decided to learn more about hormones. And that was my "Aha" moment. Your hormonal acne is not going away because you are not focusing on the right places! To get clear skin, you need to see what is causing your hormones to go off balance.

Why are hormones so important?

Hormones are tiny chemical messengers that literally calibrate your entire body. They dictate the way you sleep, how your digestion is, your mood, your period, libido, your metabolism, how hungry you are, and well, they are pretty important.

Causes for hormonal imbalances can vary a lot, but the most commons are:

  • Diabetes

  • Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid

  • Hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid

  • PCOS

  • Premature menopause

  • Hormone drugs like birth control pills

  • Eating disorders

  • Low carb / no carb diets

  • Medications

  • Stress

It was only after I learned about my hormones and started helping them do their own rebalancing that my acne started to clear now, for real.

Of course, I still get breakouts right around ovulation or when I experience tons of stress, healing takes time, as well as hormonal balance, but my acne is now under control and I'm off medication! I invite you to reach out to me either by DM or email if you are struggling with adult acne, and you are not sure why the acne isn't going away despite having the best skincare routine or having the healthiest diet. I'm here to help!

If you prefer being a stranger, but you would like to learn more about ways to

heal acne from the root cause or how to balance your hormones naturally,

join my Women's Only membership ~ It's FREE!

My acne journey has taught me a low about myself. It helped me be more confident and understand that a pimple does not define my worth. It also made me realize that real health and wellness relies on balance. Even the healthiest habits can be bad for you if you overdo them.

You are not alone.




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