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Let me tell you how all of this began. I started suffering from adult acne in my early twenties after leaving birth control AKA "The Pill". When I called up my gyno, she said that I was going through a hormonal imbalance because I left it... she of course recommended me to get back on it. The pill made my life really miserable, I gained a lot of weight, I was always bloated, depressed, and I had very low energy. So of course, coming back to that horrible state was not an option!

I started drowning in skincare blogs and articles trying to find a "fix" to my acne problem. And let me tell you something you already know, there is A LOT of info on Google! Am I right? At times it could be very misleading! Besides the never-ending contradictory information, companies are continually promoting the miracle product that will "change your life."

After spending so much money on expensive creams and treatments without seeing much change, I gave up on google and I decided to visit a dermatologist. That day, I discovered that most of the things I believed were legit, were actually super wrong. My doctor even told me that I was causing myself more acne by applying natural oils and lemon juice on my face #acnefail. I left the doctor's office feeling disappointed and annoyed by not being able to trust google any longer regarding my acne... but then I thought, what about my overall health? Literally, the first thing we do when we feel something is off is googling about it! This was not only about treating my acne anymore... this was about my overall health!

Since that day I've been working on rebalancing my hormones, learning about my cycle, and addressing the root cause of my acne. But I did not want to keep all this valuable information to myself! I had to pass it on to my female sisters.

My mission is to empower you by giving you access to information backed by science about your hormones and cycle so you can regain control over your health and wellness.

No BS, no bias marketing, pure FACTS!

It's time for the truth, and you landed in the right place.

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Let's be well together.



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