Protein Shakes, are they for you?

"Can protein shakes make me gain weight or make me bulky?" This question came in a few weeks back when I started the blog! There are so many myths about protein shakes, like you cannot have them at night, or that you shouldn't drink protein shakes since they will make you gain body fat! To learn what is real and what is not I interviewed Aneice King, a NASM certified personal trainer, AND NPC bikini competitor! What!? Oh yeah, she is a badass, and she clearly knows what she is doing! So let’s dive into it!

Aneice King | NASM certified personal trainer | NPC bikini competitor

Why to take protein shakes?

It is crucial to consume at least 5 meals a day to speed up your metabolism. Each meal should contain the proper amount of carbs, proteins, and fats according to your body’s needs. If you struggle to eat that many times of the day due to a busy schedule or simply a diminished appetite, this is where the protein shake comes in handy.

Which protein is right for me?

Many blends have a 1:2 ratio which is 1 carb to every 2 proteins. Example: a shake with 10g of carbs and 20g of protein. This will help you stay lean by feeding your muscles the protein it needs to continue to feed your muscles before or after your workout. If you want to gain weight or grow muscle size such as your glutes, get a shake that is a 2:2 ratio (equal parts carbs and protein).

When should I take it? Before or after my workouts?

The most necessary time to consume a shake is no later than 30 mins after a workout. This is crucial because this is when your body is in its anabolic (growth) phase or metabolism and needs the most nutrients to repair muscle after they have been conditioned.

But what about all that fuzz about gaining weight by drinking protein shakes?

Shakes will only make you gain weight if you have eaten out of your caloric range by the end of the day.

Oh girl, right on! That solves a lot of doubts doesn't it? Your nutrition should be not taken as a game! If you are going to consume anything other that food (supplements, shakes, vitamins etc) make sure you know what you are doing!

BONUS FACT: I see a lot of people adding things to their shakes like chocolate syrup, peanut butter, and cookies!! It's cool if you have a sweet tooth and you enjoy a protein shake as a dessert, but remember what Aneice said: "Shakes will make you gain fat only if you have eaten too many calories and if you did not burn those calories during your day!" So, adding sugary and fatty add-ons may load up your shake with extra calories/energy you don't need!

There you go, really simple and without any filters.

Feeding your body = feeding your gains!

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