The Why And The How Of Weight Training

Weightlifting is my favorite exercise! I love feeling powerful, getting stronger, and seeing my body change! "But Fercci! I barely break a sweat when I lift, how is that a good exercise!?" Well, lifting weights promotes healthy bones, boosts your metabolism, and helps you burn more fat. Even when resting! People lift weights to increase their muscle mass, and muscle tissue helps you burn more calories!

"Okay, you sold me... but, what's the right way to do it? It gets so confusing!" Wonder no more! This week our guest is Katie Davies, a former UK national athlete, and International Trainer! Let's learn more from a professional:

I’m so glad to have you at Ask Fercci, Katie! You have a magnificent and strong body! Can you talk to us about how do you divide your lifting sessions?

Glad to be here Fercci. And yeah! I usually combine two muscle groups per training session. Such as glutes and hammies, biceps and triceps, shoulders and abs, quads, and glutes.

Why do you combine muscle groups instead of focusing on only your back or only your legs?

I prefer to focus on two rather than isolation as it means I don't fatigue the muscle as quickly throughout the session. Although I do like to do just a glute focused sessions a week and just working on them, I can really focus my attention on the different parts of that muscle group to improve and develop them as these are my weak points.

Interesting! If combining muscles is so effective and convenient, why we see some people focusing on isolation then?

I think everybody’s bodies are different, and some people need to do single muscle-focused sessions while others benefit more from two or three per session. Not everyone is working towards the same goal, so if your goal is to grow your biceps, then yes, I would then focus solely on that muscle group per session. As my upper body is more developed than my lower body, I do 2 upper body sessions a week and combine chest and back, then shoulders and arms. That allows me four lower body sessions a week, so I can develop the muscles in my hammies, glutes, quads, and calves. I will combine the muscles in the lower body during sessions apart from one focused glute session a week.

Let’s talk reps and sets. There is such a controversy about how many reps one should do and how many times… we get confused! Can you instruct us on this?

I know! First, we need to understand the concepts: A rep is the number of times you perform a specific exercise, and a set is the number of cycles of reps that you complete. Technically both these variations of sets and reps will look at breaking down muscle fibers so you can increase muscle mass (hypertrophy). Although at 8-10 Reps over 4 sets, you would be looking to lift heavier with more volume than you would do 10-12 reps over 4 sets.

Okay, so lower the reps heavier the weight, and vice-versa. Got that! How do YOU usually do it?

I always look at doing 4-5 sets of any rep range sometimes more as I’m looking to overload the muscle I’m growing for maximum breakdown and repair. These are not strength training rep ranges where you would be going anywhere from 1 rep to 10 over 5-10 sets.

Lifting explained from an amazing athlete! Who's ready to hit the gym now!? If you are new in the game, take it easy! Maybe start with one session. DO NOT START LIFTING SUPER HEAVY WEIGHS IF YOU DO NOT HOW TO. Get the help of a professional like Katie to help you through the process and to avoid injuries! Although we are not lucky enough to live in a beautiful beach, she provides personalized online coaching for body transformation and performance! Also, be careful about who you follow for gym routines, nowadays so many fitness influencers are creating their own exercises to stand out but in reality, they are only doing movements that lead to injuries in the future!

- Happy Lifting!

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