Are juice cleansing diets good for you!?

We've all seen them around. Bottled juices that claim to detoxify your body and help you lose weight! Many of you sent me questions about how effective they are and how they work! To reply to you all, I contacted a total babe on the nutrition game! Fercci Community, meet Lauren Smith, an online registered dietitian and weight loss expert that has helped hundreds of women lose weight without giving up their favorite foods. Let’s see what a professional has to say!

What are Juice cleansing diets?

Juice cleansing is a diet that allows you to only drink juices from vegetables and fruits in an attempt to lose weight and detoxify your body. This throws you on the mindset that there is something wrong with you! I don't endorse Juice Cleansing diets! Your body is built to detoxify itself. Vitamins, minerals, and water help you with the process, but having juice will not cleanse your body and often times is more about a placebo effect in your brain that makes you think you are being healthier.

Why then do juice cleansing diets claim to promote weight loss?

Real weight loss comes to calories in calories out. However, it is not as simple as that. If you were going to go through a juice cleanse for a few days, you are literally just having juice, which equals sugar. This juice is going to spike your blood sugar, and then you will crash! Even if you do a one day or five-day cleansing, you will feel bad! Because you are "eating" but in reality, all you are giving your body this sugar bomb = NO FOOD.

But isn't the sugar in fruits good for us?

Yes, sugar in fruits is healthy! But you were not meant to press ten apples into juice and drink it. Apples are meant to be eaten as a whole thing, with their fiber, vitamins, and minerals altogether. In addition to juice cleansing diets being high in sugar, you also are missing your protein intake! I recommend protein every single meal.

Why is protein important for my diet?

Protein naturally suppresses your appetite. It basically keeps you full between meals, prevents overeating, helps you build muscle and balance your blood sugars. Juice cleansing diets contain no protein! No Bueno for weight loss!

Juice cleansing diets claim to be lower in calories, isn't that great for weight loss?

Yes, juices can be lower in calories than other foods, but that weight loss will be partially water loss and partly because you fasted and just had 500 calories a day for a few days. Juice cleansing diets are not sustainable, and I don't recommend it to my clients! They are a TOTAL MARKETING SCHEME!

Sometimes we make a desperate decision without thinking about what harm we might be doing to our body. Companies are out there to make money from you, they will tell you anything to sell you whatever they have in stock! That was one of the main reasons I created this blog, so we can all have a marketing free space and confirm what works and what doesn't!

If you're struggling with your diet and weight loss goals, and are interested in learning Lauren's balanced approach to weight loss she has a freebie for us! Click on the link: Weigh Loss Freebie below!

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