Holiday Gift Guide 2019 - Gifts For Your Loved Ones!

December is here! and so the wonderful holidays. But it's no secret that we might get stressed out or overwhelmed when we are shopping for holiday gifts! Here are a few ideas to inspire you to pick the right gift for your lucky person! Click the image if you would like to learn more about any item you see!

Smudge Starter Kit

Smudge kits are awesome and affordable gifts for those who like to clean energies their home or workspace. Gift them this complete kit so they will be able to push all negative vibes away!

Eye Pillow + Natural Oil Spray Set

I've been lately obsessed with this brand! La Lune Healing Items are handmade in Brooklyn, using all Eco-Friendly materials! They have these cute kits with "Third-Eye Pillows" and Essential Oil Sprays. The sage one is my fav!

Third-Eye Pillows are not only a great eye mask to help you fall asleep but can be used for meditation as well as on any other body part that might need love and attention!

Stylish Oil Diffuser

I want one of these in every room of my house! Perfect also to have at the office. Good choice for those friends who love essential oils all over. There are so many shapes, colors, and styles! You can never go wrong with this.

Hyperice Percussion Massager

No, it is not a laser gun. It is actually one of the best gadgets you can give to those who are always active but always complaining about body ache! This little machine helps relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, it improves range of motion and promotes blood circulation.

Although is on the pricier side, it's a gift that will be really well appreciated!

Water Bottle with Time Marker

This is an amazing and affordable gift for those who love being active and take care of their bodies! We used it on our water challenge this year and everyone who got it LOVED IT!

Also, you get 20% off and free US shipping when you use "ASKFERCCI" at checkout.

Resistance Fabric Bands

Booty Workout fans will love these bands! Even if they already have the elastic ones. Fabric bands are more durable and challenging than the regular elastic bands. Gift a summer booty to everyone who loves working out. PLUS aren't they cute?

Cast-Iron Heritage Pot

These come in cute colors and sizes! One of the benefits of cast iron is how well it holds and distributes heat so it is perfect for frying and baking!

Also, in my opinion, food tastes better when cooked in cast iron! A must-have item for cooking lovers.

K-Mini® Single Serve Coffee Maker

The cutest gift ever for coffee lovers! Gift the gift of making coffee everywhere. Super cute design, and super compact so it makes it very easy to move around.

Wine Decanter

Looking for something fancy and special? What better than a classic decanter!? Decanters help aerate the wine, this helps release all the complex flavors and aromas out of their favorite bottle!

Handmade Chef's Knife

Every chef needs a good chef's knife. I've learned about this by watching the movie "Chef" by Jon Favreau - One of my favorite movies!- Gift a beautiful and unique handmade cooking knife for more free meals by your friend the chef!

Cute and Original Desk Lamp

Everyone needs extra light in their lives. Especially when the lamps look so cool! Standout and show your taste with a cool desk lamp!

Sunrise-Sunset Wake-Up Alarm

This is perfect for the night-owls that dislike the loud alarm clock sounds and wish the sun would wake them up slowly every morning. It gradually increases in brightness over a 30-minute period before your wakeup time, and you can do the same when is bedtime but with the sunset feature. There are many prices and many brands! make sure to check which one suits your special person best!

Handmade Clay Jewelry Holders

We have tons of jewelry but nowhere to put them. Perfect gift for that one who needs help with jewelry organization. There are so many types! Click the picture to check which style suits best.

Retro Mini-Fridge

No, not for wine and beer! For skincare items! Surprise that friend who loves pampering and skincare with this mini-fridge. Keeping creams, serums, and masks cold will give your friend a spa-like sensation whenever is skincare time!

PLUS! So adorable!

Best Sunscreen Ever

Every beauty lover knows how important it is to stay protected from the sun. Elta MD is the best brand out there. Dermatology certified, perfect for all skin types including acne-prone skin, rosacea, and sensitive skin. You won't let your skincare lover down with this!

Jade Roller - Gua Sha Set

Perfect for pampering. Help your loved one to tackle down puffy eyes, increase blood flow and have a personal spa at home! Gua Sha is a massage technique that releases tension in the muscles of the face and encourages lymphatic drainage to banish bloat.

Personalized Toiletry Bag

Who said guys don't need travel bags? They also need a place to put their brushes, creams, and various other grooming tools. Surprise him with this personalized bag. Made with 100% leather AND you can have them personalized.

BadA$$ Bullet Glass

Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, the liquor will not matter with this cool real bullet glass. Perfect for those who like the hardcore style and handmade items.

They also have some personalization options like adding his name or a special date. Check them out.

Gamers 2019 Crush

If you are gifting to a gamer, there’s no need to overpay for expensive hardware. With Stadia your player can take his favorite games with them on their laptop, tablet, or phone! Ask around and see their reaction. This is a big hit this year!

Custom-crafted Humidor

Help them keep their cigars fresh with this cool humidor. Built-in moisture-controlling system that maintains the right humidity level so his cigars don't dry out. Made with red cedar wood!

Age Your Own Liquor Kit

They can choose a cocktail or unaged liquor, pour it into the aging kit, and wait about 10 days to taste the transformation! After that, they are left with the coolest glasses. What a cute gift!

There you go! I hope you found some ideas to help out on your gift hunt. Remember that what matters the most about this holiday is to enjoy the best quality time with your family, friends and loved ones.

Happy December!


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