Do fat burning and appetite suppressant pills work?

Who hasn't dream of pushing a button and having JIo's body? Girl! Been there done that! But Fercci, is this possible? What about those bottled supplements that claim to help with weight loss by burning fat and suppress your appetite? Uhm, sounds too good... so what's the catch? How do they work, and are they a good fix? To help us out with this, I have contacted again one of the most fun and honest nutritionists out there! Lauren Smith is back and ready to bust this myth!

Lauren, do appetite suppressant pills work?

That’s such a great question! While appetite suppressants sound super appealing and “sexy” for weight loss, the reality is that there is no magic pill to shed fat! Appetite suppressants are a total scam if you ask me. While some foods naturally suppress your appetites such as green tea and coffee, that doesn’t mean you need to suppress your appetite to lose weight. And in fact, you could even argue that healthy foods high in protein like eggs or even high in fat like avocado “suppress” our appetite because they fill us up!

While it’s important to eat nourishing foods like protein, fiber, and fat to stay full… hunger is 100% normal. Suppressing your appetite may work short term to reduce how many calories you eat to promote weight loss, but they are definitely not a long term, sustainable and healthy method to achieve your goals.

Why wouldn't we want to suppress our appetite?

Like I said before, hunger is a 100% normal, physiological function in our bodies. It’s normal to eat food when we are hungry, that’s our body communicating it needs fuel (aka calories) so our bodies can function properly! While satisfaction is important when we eat meals to prevent overeating and help with weight loss, our hunger shouldn’t be avoided or feared to lose weight. It’s not necessary nor a healthy mindset around food.

What about weight loss pills? They often claim to burn more fat or boost your metabolism?

As I always talk about on my Instagram @sorority.nutritionist, if a diet product looks too good to be true and promises quick weight loss chances are it’s a scam! That’s why as a registered dietitian I have created a proven weight-loss method based on science and what actually works. Step 1 of my method is eating the proper amount of calories because no matter what diet you go on you have to eat fewer calories than what your body burns to lose weight. While a pill sounds amazing to lose weight unless it’s making you eat less than you burn it’s not going to work and is most likely a waste of money!

So, what's the best way to lose weight then?

The key thing to weight loss is actually changing your eating behaviors and your nutrition mindset. Often, I get clients that don't know anything about nutrition and healthy foods, so I recommend them to record their food intake for a few days during the week by using apps like My Fitness Pal. By doing so, they can see how many calories their meals have. Some get surprised to find out that in only one meal they are consuming a thousand calories or more, which is probably more than they need for a single meal! That's why it is always best to seek professional's advice if you are not sure about how to start. I have inspired women all over the world to lose weight and gain confidence with my simple 3 step weight loss formula! Your girls can learn more at my website.

So what would you say is the worst thing about these pills?

These types of supplements are not controlled by the FDA, and often they get banned since they are not medical research-backed and maybe even causing you harm. Supplements like this act like band-aids you use instead of solving the issue that many women might be having.

What would you recommend to someone trying these weight loss pills!?

Instead of taking a pill that mildly increases how many calories you burn at rest and suppresses your appetite, so you don't eat, put in the hard work of actually learning what's in your food and how to balance your food choices. Frequently the women going for these supplements want a quick fix. Reality is, quick fixes = immediate results... and immediate results don't last. Are you going to take these expensive pills for the rest of your life? Chances are, HELL NO, and you'll find out that the results you really want can't be achieved by taking any outside supplement or drink. You gotta put in the work!

Lauren has a similar mission to mine. TO SPREAD FACTS so you can become a better version of yourself! Like I was with skincare, she was also confused about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. That passion led her to study nutrition when she realized that her entire approach to "dieting" was ALL WRONG! Don't' stress out, being healthy is not about having the perfect body, it is about feeding your body the nutrients it actually needs to shine and work properly! Let that be your goal!

We share the TRUTH. No false advertising, no filters, just what works! - Fercci

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