How to sync exercise with your cycle - Cycle Syncing Workout Guide - With workout videos!

Why on earth would you want your cycle and your workouts to communicate? For the same reason syncing your entire life can help you and your hormones live in hormony! sorry, harmony!

It is no secret that we feel differently every week of the month: our energy levels, our stamina, and even hunger levels vary. So linking your workouts to your menstrual phase can actually help you stick to a routine and also help you understand why sometimes is better to skip the gym! or the livingroom workout in the case of 2020.

Here is a workout guide you can use to build your own workout routine based on your cycle to live a happier life and to maximize the benefits of the wonderful practice of cycle syncing, which you could learn how to do with the 28 Day Rebalance program btw.

Menstrual Phase

During this phase, our hormones are at their lowest point, explaining why we feel a bit more tired than usual. So no need to overdo it or to feel "mad" with yourself for not feeling like working out. It's always essential that you listen to your body, and if you feel like resting, you do rest.

That being said, gentle cardio like walks or bike rides are perfect for getting an active rest. Restorative yoga is also perfect for this phase since low estrogen levels mean that you are more flexible!


Another way to support your body during this phase is by focusing on relaxation techniques. I love to really get my meditation going during this phase since this is the phase for us to be analytical about our lives and prepare for another cycle. Here is meditation with Andy, one of the main voices of my favorite meditation app, Headspace. You can also get some free meditation audios from this website. They also offer lots of workout meditations, which I love doing and perfect for our menstrual phase or when we are feeling a bit slower.

Follicular Phase

Our hormones start to rise during this phase, estrogen being the main character during this phase until ovulation. This is why the closer you get to your ovulation, the less flexibility you will feel. Make sure to always warm-up before any physical activity to avoid injury, especially during your follicular phase.

The rise in hormones increases your creativity and openness to new experiences during this phase, so here is where you fit any new workout routines you would like to try and the things you want to do to mix things up. You will start feeling more and more energetic as you get closer to ovulation so, use that energy t move your body freely! Some of the workouts I love the most during this phase are dance classes, cardio routines, and any other creative movement form, even solo dancing in my living room!

Ovulatory Phase

This is the phase where your hormones are at their peak, so you might even be feeling restless! But I have to confess; this is one of my favorite phases. Besides that, your hormones during this phase support the functioning of the verbal and social centers of your brain. This only makes you more social! So group classes are great once the gym and studios open up again!

Save your high-intensity workouts for this phase because you will have the energy! Spinning, long walks/jogs, and any other activity you enjoy doing, because that's the key: YOU have to do what you love doing to stick to a workout routine!

Luteal Phase

During this phase, your hormonal ups and downs might make you feel "off" or a bit slower than the weeks before. Research shows that women’s basal energy expenditure may be higher during the luteal phase, which explains why we have more food cravings and why we are drawn to higher calorie foods like carbs and fats.

At the beginning of your luteal phase, you might still experience high energy levels, yet the closest we get to our menstrual you will notice that things might start to slow down, so as always, really listen to your own body and decide what you feel like doing. Here are some of my favorite workouts for this phase in energy order (the first ones will be more active while the further down you go through the list, the more calm and easy going workouts)

The real key to training with your cycle is to listen to what your body wants every day. Sometimes I feel like doing a HIIT class during my luteal phase, and sometimes I feel like talking a chill walk during ovulation. It is always about doing what feels right.

Here are some of my micro-workouts! Also, if you are new to working out, I have a new series on Instagram: Movement Basics: I teach you the proper movement technique so you can move with more stability and build strength properly. If you don't know how to do an exercise or train a particular muscle, let me know! I would love to make a video explaining to you how. DM on Instagram or send me an email!

Always with love,