How to rebalance your life and reconnect with your body ~ 28 Day Rebalance Program

A healthy life is never achieved by only eating well or exercising, nor by living on extremes. With the clean eating diet culture and the growing perfect body advertising, we might be falling into unhealthy practices thinking that we are going in the right direction!

Real health is achieved when we take a holistic approach towards our wellbeing,, paying careful attention to the three fundamental areas of health: Nutrition, Exercise, and Mental Wellbeing. On top of that, YOUR balance might not look the same as my balance or other woman's balance. Our bodies are unique, so you must learn to connect with your body.

This is why I created The 28 day rebalance program. This is not a magic pill nor another diet plan. 👉This program is designed to provide you with all the real, verified information you need to make conscious changes, so you get to build your unique recipe to a balanced lifestyle. Perfect for women looking to start a healthy lifestyle, looking to reconnect with their bodies and those who are already on their wellness journey but need some extra guidance! 💅

Never underestimate the power of a community.

The 28 Day Rebalance program is a group program where you will have my full support to stay accountable, ask questions, and help you develop new healthy habits. But we will not be doing this alone! You will also have the opportunity to connect with other women experiencing similar hormonal imbalances and health goals!

Different studies have shown to increase accountability and success in developing healthier habits when women start new habits with Social Support.

But Fercci, what are some signs of hormonal imbalances?






Dry skin

Hair loss



Low libido


Weight gain


Chronic Stress

Painful periods

Irregular periods

Increased cravings

Fatigue and lack of energy

Muscle aches and stiffness

Purple or pink stretch marks

Pain or stiffness in your joints

Increased sensitivity to cold or heat

Unexplained weight loss (sometimes sudden)

You can also take this quiz to see if you would benefit from the program!

What do I get when I purchase the 28 Day Rebalance program?

  • Seed Cycling Guide. Learn how to incorporate this natural hormonal balancing remedy on your own, plus get daily reminders and recipe ideas from our private chat!

  • Cycle Syncing Workbook. Learn all you need to know about your cycle and what changes you should be doing around your work, social life, and nutrition to support your body's natural balance.

  • A Woman's Guide to a Balanced Life. Based on all the top health and wellness tips and tricks you can use to improve your life and balance. With this medical-evidence based guide, you will get the summarized facts about nutrition, exercise, and healthy living. Also, find the biggest myths of the wellness industry BUSTED by real science.

  • Gut Health and Hormones Virtual Seminar + Q&A Kylie Ivanir. Learn from a professional what you must do and what to avoid when it comes to a healthy gut, plus learn why your gut health and hormones are connected.

  • Stress and Your Body Masterclass + Q&A with Dr. Rachel Goldman. LIVE masterclass with an experienced psychologist. Learn how stress works, why is it important that you learn how to manage it, and learn the best ways to cope with stress.

  • Exclusive access to the Balanced Group Chat to ask questions, connect with other women going through the same, share your progress, and stay accountable.

  • How to Workout With Your Cycle Workshop. Every week you have different energy levels, drive, and strength. Learn how to move your body to enjoy exercise, maximize results, and promote hormonal balance.

  • Audible mini-guides that help you develop your newly learned healthy habits and stay motivated.

  • 1 Free Year Subscription of Jour. Where you will be able to journal your progress, your goals, and your emotions daily!

Why is the 28 Day Rebalance program unique?

This simple formula:

👯‍♀️Sisterhood and social support +

the encouragement of introspective and self-discovery💃 =

Long term success👏

These components are often missing in wellness and health programs. We are all very different; our bodies react differently to diets, exercise styles, habits. So the key to the rebalance concept is to elevate women by giving them factual information about their bodies and hormones so they can start working with their bodies to achieve whatever goals they are pursuing!

What to expect on a daily basis?

Every day, you will get a mini-audio guide with an inspiring message, and a small action activity. This will be small but powerful things like drink a glass of water, meditate for 5 minutes, or write down an intention for the day. Every week we will have a LIVE session either with me or with and expert where we will talk about the fundamental areas of health and with the workbooks and guides, you will be creating your own balanced life based on your cycle so you can keep applying all you learned with the program even after it's over!

Next group starts in November 2020, are you ready to be rebalanced?

Sign up here!

Not sure if this is for you yet?👇

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