Free Home Workout Videos That Actually Work!

Hello all!

These past few weeks our lives have changed tremendously, most of us are now working and studying from home, trying to limit our contact with the outside world. At these challenging times, I wanted to help out and give you my personal list of workouts that you can do for free and actually get a good session done. There's no need for equipment for any of these exercises, which is what I like the most since I have zero equipment at home.

I will also be sharing my muscle building routines every week @AskFercci since most of these workouts although promote endurance, mainly focus on cardio. Now let's get that sweat!

#1 Strong Arms, Strong Core - 30 Minute Bodyweight Workout by Christine Curry

Christine Curry has been one of my favorite youtube fitness instructors for years! Although she is no longer posting content, her routines always get me that good post-workout sore feeling. One of my top choices is this amazing bodyweight workout. Perfect for endurance and muscle building!

#2 30 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout + Abs At Home

Whoever tells you that you can't break a good sweat at home has not yet tried this type of workout. SELF youtube channel is another of my favorites when working out from home. Lita Lewis is a real PRO. Get ready to sweat all that stress off by following this fun and challenging workout. Plus, you will get some abs as well! Let's get summer-ready.


I still do this workout weekly in my regular gym routine. This video is what gave me the definition and core strength I always wanted. I recommend doing it twice a week for a month, and I promise you, you will see crazy results! It's tough, I'm not going to lie, but the more you do it, the healthier you will get and the easier it will become :)

#4 Full body Strenght and Conditioning? - DONE!

Another great video with Lita Lewis! This was the first one I tried ever. Killed me! No cardio here, only focusing on building muscle and strength. I love her attitude and how she explains how to keep a proper form.

#5 Not so easy yoga - My favorite yoga class!

Steven Cheng is my favorite NYC yoga instructor. He specializes in teaching vinyasa yoga, but his free spirit and challenging twists make out of this class a must-try! EVEN if you think that yoga is boring. Due to the unfortunate COVID-19 spread, Steven is offering LIVE classes through his Instagram @simhayoga! I took my first one on Saturday, and I must say it was so much fun! Since it is a live video, you get much more interaction, and you feel the connection. Supporting our instructors in these difficult times is so important. They, like us, are not able to work from home. Only $10 a view, $5 for those who are struggling via Venmo --> @SimhaYogaLab

#6 Butt, butt, butt

I know she is many times on this list. But she deserves it! Get this quick glutes workout with Christine and get ready for not being able to sit down the next day! Perfect to combine with any other short video you try out!

#7 Quick abs workout!

Take a peek of the popular at-home training program Beachbody. In this 15 minute workout, you will target your abs. I'm not a big fan of PopSugar Fitness videos, but this one I must admit got my attention! Perfect after my outdoor jog!

#8 Coordination lover? Try this Zumba style Kick-boxing class! So fun!

Never tried kickboxing or Zumba? This is a perfect time! At first, you might feel silly, but there's nothing more empowering than a good kickboxing class! Think about your #haters and kick some ass while you get your cardio in.

#9 Sexy Arms in 15 minutes? Yes, please!

Get a strong and defined upper body with this easy to follow video from MadFit! No equipment needed, only your phone, laptop or tv, and your body!

#10 Too cold outside for a run? No Problema.

Get your heart pumping with this unique video from Les Mills. Lots of jumping jacks, push-ups and mountain climbers will get your heart rate up and pumping! This is not your typical camera steady workout, lots of action, lots of people which might make it more engaging to you! Plus you will exercise with Nina Dobrev a Canadian model and actress (Didn't know who she was until I googled it, but some of you might know her :P)

#11 20 Minute HIIT Legs + Abs KILLER

Perfect for a quick, and slow-paced but effective HIIT!

#12 Bootcamp!

#13 10 Minutes if more than enough!

#14 Bodyweight Workout

You can also find workout videos in my IG feed @AskFercci!

After watching so many videos, I saw that a lot of the free workouts out there are pretty questionable. Remember, anyone can have a youtube account and post what they think they know. This is why I decided to share my list, as a former professional ballet dancer, I truly know how to work with my body!

The most important thing is to stay active, so you give your immune system a boost and your brain a break. Isolation might be challenging for you but finding fun activities YOU enjoy doing like exercise might make it a little easier :)

Stay healthy, stay happy, and remember! Don't ask google... #askfercci



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