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Holistic Health Coaching


Tired of living off-balance and disconnected from your body? You are in the right place! 🙋‍♀️

I help women:

✅ Understand and live by the basic foundations of health: Nutrition, Mental Wellbeing, and Movement.

✅ Have a nourishing relationship with food.

✅ Decrease stress and anxiety.

✅ Reconnecting with their menstrual cycles for hormonal balance and health.

✅ Make informed and empowered choices about their unique lifestyle.

How can I help you?

Together, we will work towards a balanced lifestyle so your hormones can rebalance naturally and your body and mind can feel their best.

No more anxiety, confusion, or fear around food, movement, or emotions like stress and anxiety.  We will take a holistic approach towards your health all with science-backed holistic practices that will empower you and help you live the life you deserve.

💁‍♀️ Areas we can tackle together:

  • Improve your nutrition by understanding your unique body needs

  • Learn how to eat intuitively

  • Synchronize your menstrual cycle and your life for hormonal balance and overall wellbeing

  • Improve your sleep and increase your energy naturally

  • Help your body transitioning from hormonal birth control to a synthetic-hormone-free life

  • Stay motivated and accountable around your health goals

  • Heal the root cause of hormonal acne

  • Boost your energy and contentment

  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence and mindfulness

Say goodbye to fad diets, food restrictions, miracle products and misinformation 👏

I've been there...

As a professional ballet dancer, I worked on my fitness, nutrition, and mental wellbeing from a very young age. Yet things went south for me when I misplaced the definition of "healthy" and started struggling with hormonal imbalances.


On my journey, I found many roadblocks, the biggest of all: The misinformation out in google and on social media. It gets noisy and misleading! Yet I was determined to take my health back, and what I found, I’m here to give to you; the missing ingredients of your own unique balanced life.

With me, you can cut your experimentation down by 80%. Contrary to some, I empower you to make your own sustainable and realistic decisions adjusted to your own unique needs and lifestyle using tried and true scientific fact-based holistic wellness.


It's time to start living in balance!