BALANCED by Fercci

Real Health and Wellness don't happen overnight. It is never only about eating well or exercising, it is about maintaining the proper balance in different areas of your life. For that reason, BALANCED by Fercci is a health and wellness event that gives you front row access to different ways you can be healthier and happier.

At this NYC wellness workshop, you will meet different dedicated professionals that can guide you on your wellness journey so you can achieve your goals! We will start with a grounding exercise to release any tension and stress with the sounds of Tibetan Bowls.


Next, we will move our bodies to the beat of classic throwbacks with a fun yoga class - No worries, beginners welcome! - We will finish up with an open panel discussion with a top-rated NYC nutritionist, so make sure to bring all doubts around nutrition = Google no more!

Excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded people, realign,

get informed, and have fun!

For tickets and more information visit the event's main page HERE

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