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No magic, pure science.

The 28-day Rebalance is a holistic health program that helps you HEAL the root cause of your symptoms so you can start living the happier and healthier life YOU DESERVE.


If you struggle with hormonal imbalances, severe PMS, and conditions like PCOS, Endometriosis, PMDD, or Fibroids, you might feel that you've tried it all. From supplements, birth control to medications, but nothing has worked!

Your symptoms are still there; you can't seem to improve!

I'm here for you

The secret to managing your hormones will never rely on medications or ONLY dietary changes. You must take a holistic approach towards your health IN THE RIGHT WAY to see and feel changes.

  • No more fad diets that are hard to stick to

  • No more dead ends towards your recovery

  • No more misinformation about YOUR health

  • You will no longer be alone trying to figure things out

This program is for you to:

Balance your hormones

Heal your gut naturally

Improve PMS and PMDD

Heal acne-prone skin

Regulate your period

Decrease stress and anxiety

Promote natural weight loss

Increase your energy

Improve your nutrition

Boost fertility naturally


What do

you get?⚖️ 


  • Gut Health and Hormones Virtual Seminar + Q&A Kylie Ivanir. Learn from a professional what you must do and what to avoid when it comes to a healthy gut, plus learn why your gut health and hormones are connected and how to keep them in harmony.

  • Detox your pantry Detox Your Life Workshop. I'm really against fad and detox diets, instead, I will teach you how to detox your pantry to eliminate hormonal disruptors and unhealthy foods. You will also learn how to replace them with better alternatives to support your body on a daily basis!

  • How To Save Time + Money in The Kitchen Workshop. Want to eat healthier but don't know how to make healthy food taste good? How about always running out of time? This workshop will help you learn tips and tricks you can use to make your cooking life easier! + 15 recipe ideas based on your cycle cook-book.


  • Stress and Your Body Masterclass + Q&A with Dr. Rachel Goldman. LIVE masterclass with an experienced psychologist. Learn how stress works, why is it important that you learn how to manage it,  and learn the best ways to cope with stress.

  • My Rebalance Motivation. A book to stay motivated all the way through the program.

  • 1 Week of Daily Meditation Exercises. Beginners and advance meditators can benefit from this mindfulness practice.

  • Cortisol Hack Class. Cortisol is one of the primary stress hormones and it can create lots of complications if you are suffering from chronic stress. Learn how to cope and help your body thrive through stress.


  • How to Workout With Your Cycle Workshop. Exercise class 101. Learn how to build a successful workout routine plus learn how to sync your workouts with your cycle to maximize results, and promote hormonal balance.

  • 4 workout samples based on your cycle. Understand the basics of movement for optimal health and hormonal balance, all based on your menstrual cycle.


  • A Woman's Guide to a Balanced Life. A book that summarizes science-backed facts about nutrition, exercise, and healthy living to build your own balanced life.

  • Exclusive access to the Balanced Group Chat to ask questions, connect with other women going through the same, share your progress, and stay accountable.

  • Daily Mentoring. Work with me and the group to reach your health goals and harvest new healthier habits in your life. I will be there for you to answer questions, solve roadblocks, and motivate you to reach balance!

Value of


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Take a holistic approach to your health 🙆‍♀️

Is not complicated, your health and wellbeing are based on three fundamental areas:


Mental Wellbeing

Physical Activity

You live a balanced lifestyle when you efficiently balance these pillars so you can live in harmony with your body!

About Fercci

Fercci is a women's holistic health mentor dedicated to empowering women to live balanced lifestyles to live healthier and happier lives. Fercci is a former ballerina who, after leaving the pill and recovering from an eating disorder, developed a hormonal imbalance, which led her to experience drastic mood swings, gut issues, PMS, and hormonal acne.

Through her healing journey, she learned that there is an overload of misleading information on the internet. She now interviews different experts around the most controversial wellness space topics to get the truth, and she shares only science-backed facts and all her knowledge with her community.​ 


About Dr. Rachel Ph. D, FTOS


Dr. Rachel is a clinical psychologist who takes a holistic approach to health. She specializes in the mind-body connection, including stress management, the treatment of obesity, weight management, and health behavior change.


She is also Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and has a private practice in NYC. She is a sought after expert who has been featured in many media outlets, including The New York Times, TIME magazine, CNN, USA Today, Shape, and Women’s Health. She continues to live an active lifestyle and is passionate about helping others live healthier and happier lives by promoting positive behavioral changes. She believes everyone CAN live happy and healthy lives! 


About Kylie Ivanir, RD

After getting her Physiological Sciences degree at UCLA, Kylie pursued a Master in Human Nutrition. She struggled with fat loss in her own body until she decided to stop listening to the media and "general nutrition recommendations" and dig deep into the science herself.

She learned that our body is not a math equation of "calories in vs. calories out" but a complex biology project that involves our hormones, blood sugar, and metabolic rate. She now helps those who struggle with dieting, weight loss, and digestive issues to find a sustainable and realistic approach to improving their bodies and health.

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This is what our community says!

This program is an incredible way to reconnect with your body, it helps you identify the signals that your body is constantly giving you, which perhaps we don't usually easily notice. It is a program that makes you feel more secure, comfortable and happy with yourself. It really helps to increase your physical and emotional health, and it is run by an incredible woman who really cares about every single one of the program participants, also providing us with verified information and presenting it on her page in a visually beautiful way, making this rebalance space even more enjoyable.

Adriana, 27

Frequently asked questions

Why is the 28 Day Rebalance program unique?

This simple formula: 👯‍♀️Sisterhood and social support + the encouragement of introspective and self-discovery💃 = Long term success👏 These components are often missing in wellness and health programs. We are all very different; our bodies react differently to diets, exercise styles, habits. So the goal of the program is not to tell you what to eat, when to meditate or how to exercise. Instead, I empower you to make your own decisions about your awesome unique self!

What to expect on a daily basis?

Every day, you will get a mini-audio guide with an inspiring message, and a small action activity. This will be small but powerful things like drink a glass of water, meditate for 5 minutes, or write down an intention for the day. Every week we will have a LIVE session either with me or with and expert where we will talk about the fundamental areas of health and with the workbooks and guides, you will be creating your own balanced life based on your cycle so you can keep applying all you learned with the program even after it's over!

Is this a diet plan?

No, this program is a guide to help you make your own decisions about your nutrition. You will learn how to build balanced meals, what are the specific nutrients your body and hormones need in order to stay healthy and balanced, and other nutrition tips but no meal plans will be provided because nutrition is never a one size fits all thing! Your body is your unique instrument and I want you to learn to work with it so you can create sustainable changes towards a more balanced life.

Why 28 Days?

Healthy practices have to become habits before becoming a lifestyle. 28 days is enough time for us to work together and acquire new habits of a balanced life. Also, 28 days is the number of days that takes your skin cells turned over, your cravings to go away and the benefits of the program to start showing! I want you to leave feeling refreshed and rebalanced!

Who can benefit from this program?

If you are a woman who is motivated to improve your health and wellbeing then this is for you! Some of your goals might be to increased energy, weight management, hormonal balance, fertility, meaning, and stress management. You most definelty will benefit from this program if you suffer from hormonal imbalances

What are the symptoms of hormonal imbalances that the program could help with?

Well, there are many! but here is a list of the most common ones: PMS Acne PCOS PMDD Anxiety Dry skin Hair loss
Bloating Infertility Low libido Depression Weight gain Constipation Heavy periods Endometriosis Painful periods Irregular periods
Increased cravings
Fatigue and lack of energy Muscle aches and stiffness Purple or pink stretch marks Pain or stiffness in your joints
Increased sensitivity to cold or heat Unexplained weight loss (sometimes sudden)

Not sure yet!?


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